Electrifying Texas together

Lonestar Integrated Solutions provides electrical expertise to both emerging markets and the most challenging industries. As a Lonestar Electric Supply company, Integrated solutions is well positioned with inventory of electrical products to meet all types of unique project requirements. By utilizing this broad spectrum of inventory and applying engineering processes, we are creating value for our customers by creating solutions that are built for purpose.

EV Charging

Lonestar Integrated Solutions is involved in every segment of EV charging with world-class solutions specific to those segments. Whether you are looking to obtain NEVI funding, install networked chargers in a garage, or become a certified EV dealership, we have a solution that is best-in-class for these segments. Additionally, your projects don’t start and stop at the charger and neither does our expertise. Lonestar provides the end-to-end scope of electrical needed for installation and operation.

Water / Wastewater

Lonestar supports this niche market with engineering resources and a product portfolio that meets the unique challenges in this industry. Because of the complex products and the nature of contracts, experience that is specific to this industry is a necessity. Lonestar brings the technical expertise, excellence in project management, and commercially minded approach to this segment.

Engineering Services

Because emerging and niche markets require more from distributors than having product on the shelf, Integrated Solutions is proud to offer value-added services to our projects. Designing new solutions from scratch, sub-assemblies, engineering as a service, or electrical integration are all areas we are ready to support

» Power System Studies

» Relay Settings/Testing

» Custom Solutions that are built for purpose

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