Leveraging the Texas BuyBoard for EV Charging Solutions

At Lonestar Integrated Solutions, we are dedicated to facilitating the transition to sustainable transportation solutions, particularly through integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. As a trusted partner for businesses and organizations in Texas, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient procurement processes. That’s why we proudly leverage the Texas BuyBoard to provide buying integrity and streamline the acquisition of EV charging equipment and services.

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An Introduction to Lonestar Integrated Solutions


Lonestar Integrated Solutions serves as a leading provider of comprehensive support and services for EV charging infrastructure projects in Texas. Our team brings years of expertise in project planning, development, and funding assistance to ensure the successful implementation of sustainable transportation solutions. We pride ourselves on offering tailored services to meet each client’s unique needs, guiding them through every step of the process with professionalism and dedication.

The Texas BuyBoard Advantage


The Texas BuyBoard is a trusted procurement resource that provides buying integrity and convenience to public entities, including government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. By leveraging the Texas BuyBoard, Lonestar Integrated Solutions can offer our clients access to a wide range of pre-approved vendors and products, ensuring transparency and compliance with procurement regulations.

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Our Services and Offerings

At Lonestar Integrated Solutions, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to support the implementation of EV charging infrastructure projects. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Project Planning and Development: Our team works closely with clients to assess their EV charging needs and develop customized project plans. From site assessments to equipment selection and installation, we ensure that every aspect of the project is meticulously planned and executed to meet your requirements.
  • Funding Assistance: We understand that funding is often a critical factor in the success of EV charging projects. That’s why we offer assistance with securing funding through programs such as the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) funding opportunities. Our team can help you navigate the application process and maximize your chances of securing financial support for your project.
  • Procurement Support: Through our partnership with the Texas BuyBoard, we streamline the procurement process for EV charging equipment and services. Our clients benefit from access to a wide range of pre-approved vendors and products, ensuring they can find the right solutions to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Installation and Commissioning: Once the equipment has been procured, our team manages the installation and commissioning process to ensure your EV charging infrastructure is running smoothly. We work with certified technicians and contractors to ensure that installations are completed safely and according to industry standards.

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Lonestar Integrated Solutions is committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of EV charging infrastructure projects with ease and confidence. By leveraging the Texas BuyBoard and our expertise in project planning, development, and funding assistance, we ensure our clients can access the resources and support they need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your EV charging goals with integrity and efficiency.