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At Lonestar Integrated Solutions, we proudly stand as Texas’ premier consultants for EV charging stations. Specializing in project management services, we cater to the entire state, with a primary focus on major urban areas. As industry leaders, we leverage our extensive network of top-tier partners, ensuring you access the finest technology available. Our commitment lies in seamless integration and strategic planning, guiding you through every step of the process. Trust us to be your trusted ally in transforming Texas into a more sustainable and electrified future.

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Are you looking for expert help to set up your new EV charging station? Look no further than Lonestar; we’ve got you covered every step of the way with the best partners in the industry.

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  • Austin: In Austin, Lonestar Integrated Solutions leads the charge in EV charging infrastructure planning. Serving as the go-to consultants, we bring expertise to the vibrant cityscape, facilitating seamless integration of cutting-edge charging solutions. Elevate your sustainability efforts with our tailored services, ensuring Austin remains at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth: Lonestar takes the lead in Dallas-Fort Worth, providing expert guidance for EV charging infrastructure. As dedicated consultants, we navigate the diverse landscape, delivering tailored solutions for sustainable urban mobility. Partner with us to spearhead the electric future in DFW with strategic planning, top-tier charging technology, and useful funding advice.
  • Houston: In Houston, Lonestar is your trusted partner for EV charging solutions. As industry-leading consultants, we specialize in planning services, ensuring seamless integration across the dynamic urban landscape. Count on our expertise to drive sustainable mobility in Houston, one charging station at a time.
  • San Antonio: Lonestar Integrated Solutions brings cutting-edge EV charging expertise to San Antonio. As leading consultants, we specialize in planning services, customizing solutions for the city’s unique needs. Partner with us to navigate the electrifying future of San Antonio, where sustainability meets innovation in every charging station we plan.

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