ABB EV Charging Solutions



ABB EV Charging Solutions

Lonestar Integrated Solutions is the top distributor of ABB EV charging solutions in Texas, providing end-to-end scope support tailored to your project. Our expert team is built to handle all facets of EV charging, including state funding, design, engineering, installation, and product operation. By partnering with ABB, you’ll have access to industry-leading solutions

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Your Solutions for Every EV Charging Project

Lonestar Integrated Solutions partnered with the leading provider of EV Charging stations—featuring over 1,000,000 deployed units. ABB is the only manufacturer of electrical infrastructure and DC Fast Chargers, providing every component needed for your project. With a diverse product offering, ABB offers a product solution for every EV project

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ABB EV Charging Products

Lonestar Integrated Solutions is your premier source for ABB EV charging products, featuring state-of-the-art DC Fast Chargers and DC Wallbox Chargers. Elevate your charging infrastructure with our cutting-edge solutions, ensuring rapid and efficient electric vehicle charging.

DC Fast Chargers

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with ABB’s DC Fast Chargers, distributed by Lonestar Integrated Solutions. Engineered for a compact carbon footprint, these chargers maximize revenue generation while remaining future-ready.

ABB’s family, ranging from Terra 24 to Terra 184 (20 to 180 kW), ensures quick and convenient charging for all-electric vehicle models. With modular power increasing up to 180 kW and simultaneous service for three vehicles, ABB is the choice for sustainable, high-performance charging solutions.

Rick sitting in office using computer
Rick sitting in office using computer

DC Wallbox Chargers

Elevate your charging infrastructure with ABB’s Terra DC Wallbox Chargers, available through Lonestar Integrated Solutions. We also supply the Terra AC Wallbox and the Terra 94/124/184 UL models. These intelligent designs, developed in collaboration with leading EV manufacturers, ensure fast charging in a compact footprint.

Future-proof and fully compatible with current and upcoming electric vehicles, the DC Wallbox maximizes revenue opportunities. Built-in connectivity to the ABB Ability platform ensures reliable payments and asset management, while its commitment to safety makes it a trusted choice for residential and commercial use.

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Lonestar Integrated Solutions proudly offers cutting-edge ABB EV charging solutions throughout Texas. Join forces with us to revolutionize the electric vehicle charging landscape. Benefit from our industry-leading expertise, innovative technology, and a shared commitment to sustainable mobility. Partner with us today for a greener, smarter future.

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