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At Lonestar Integrated Solutions, we specialize in consulting services for EV charging infrastructure. Our strength lies in strategic planning and partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers. By aligning with trusted names in the field, we ensure our clients can access the finest hardware and software solutions. As your local consultant, we guide you through the entire process, offering expert insights without compromising cost efficiency. With our team of experts, you can be confident that your EV charging project benefits from our extensive network of reliable manufacturing partners, guaranteeing top-tier technology and seamless integration.

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Our Partners in the EV Charging Manufacturing Industry


Teaming up with the foremost brand in EV charging stations, Lonestar Integrated Solutions collaborates with ABB, a powerhouse with over 1,000,000 deployed units. ABB stands out as a manufacturer offering comprehensive solutions, encompassing electrical infrastructure and DC Fast Chargers, providing all components essential for your project. With an expansive product range, ABB ensures a tailored solution for every EV project, solidifying our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology through our strategic partnership with this industry leader.


    In collaboration with Xeal, a leading technology provider in EV charging stations, we bring you unparalleled solutions tailored for multifamily or workplace charging. Each Xeal charging station boasts a standard 5-year warranty, while their proprietary connectivity protocol ensures a 100% uptime guarantee, providing unmatched reliability and peace of mind for your charging infrastructure. Partnering with Xeal aligns us with cutting-edge technology, delivering not just charging solutions but a commitment to excellence in performance and customer assurance.


       Our collaboration with RVE extends beyond ABB and Xeal, complementing their offerings. RVE’s DCC solutions, tailored for single- and multi-family applications, are ideal. EVEMS by RVE introduces innovation to projects where EV charging might seem challenging. Crafted to optimize existing service capacity and safeguard against overload, DCC by RVE emerges as a strategic solution, enhancing the feasibility of EV charging in diverse scenarios.

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